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Celestial 90 quest

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1 Celestial 90 quest on Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:33 am



To unlock the seal of Celestial Class at level 90,you need 500 Fame Points and a Stone of Fury which you can acquire by combining runes through the NPC Refiner Odin in the Unknown Continent.

Attach Space Use
SLOT A Runeword

※ How to increase Fame points
Exchange 100 kill points for 10 fame points to NPC God Government in Noatun Kingdom.
Buy and right-click a Warrior's Seal from NPC Farche in Erion town to get 10 fame points.
20 Fame points will be deducted when another wydian kills you.

[Success of Runeword Formulation]
A message stating that the formulation has been successful will appear.
Stone of Fury will appear in your inventory.
All runes in the slot will disappear.
[Failure of Runeword Formulation]
Formulation failed. A message stating that there has been no change will appear.
All runes in the slot will disappear.
※ How to use a Stone of Fury
- Right click the Stone of Fury in your inventory.
- There is a possiblity of failing the quest.
- Your Stone of Fury and 500 fame points will disappear if you fail this quest

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