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1. New Quest for Celestial Characters

1.)The main objective on this stage is to eliminate the IceQueenshadow ,but make sure you have party members before doing this quest or else you can't proceed to the next stage even you killed the IceQueenshadow.
Note:Icequeenshadow randomly apperars in the SnowField.

2.)The main objective on this second stage is to kill all the monsters inside the Snow castle. After killing all the monster inside the snow castle, DarkShadow will appear in the middle of the snow castle.
Note: Message will appears once you killed all the monster inside castle

3.)Destroy the DarkShadow monster,once you have successfuly killed Darkshadow monster you whole party will be teleported inside boss monster room.

4.)The main objective on this stage is to kill the boss monster's IceQueen Berialas fast as you can. Failed to destroy IceQueen Berialsbefore alotted time elapse,the quest will be fail and you need to go back and start to the first stage of the quest. Once you completed teh quest the party leader will automatically receive items and the whole party will be teleported back to town.

2. Compounding Celestial Armors and Weapons is now available

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