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7,55 patch details

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1 7,55 patch details on Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:01 am


WYD 7.55 Preview

1. New Quest for Celestial Character

New quest for Celestials in Snowfield

2. CompoundingCelestial Armors and Weapons is now available

2.1 Sets

Melpomene Set for characters Transknight characters

Potamides Set for characters Foema characters

Dryad Set for BeastMaster characters

Set for characters Huntress characters

2.2 Weapons

1. Bow

2. Spear

3. 1-hand staff

4. Wand

5. Sword

6. Axe

7. 2-hand sword

8. Throw

2.3 Celestial Weapon & Armor Combination

To Combine (and unlock) the unique Celestial items, you mustfollow these steps:

(1) Go to Refiner Odin in Unknown Continent.

(2) Bringthe unique Celestial item +9, a corresponding god +15 item, 1 Darkness Jewel(Weapon) or Lunar Stone (Armor), and 4 different Secret stones.

(3) Putitems in correct spot: A Slot +9 Celestial Item, B Slot +15 god item, C Slot Darkness Jewel/Lunar Stone, D Slot: 4 different Secret stones.


1. Fail: All items will be gone except god +15

2. Success: All items disappear &celestial +9 is left with stats from god item.

3. Secret Stones need to be places in correct order to combine successfully.

4. Combining items must correspond.

3. New Game user Interface

3.1 All theitems are size of 1 SLOT, Inventory &Storage changes.

Total size also is reduced reduced:

Inventory: from 63 to 60 Slots (15 slotsdivided into 4 Bags)

Storage Guard: from 126 to 120 Slots (40slots divided into 3 Positions)

NOTE: The itemsin inventory that were caught due to the new storage system will be releasedonce there is free space on the inventory.

3.2 You can no longerdrop items on ground. To get rid of an item it needs to be thrown in the trash

(Located on bottom right of Inventory).

3.3 The brightness refining inventory is removed; instead a borderaround the item with a combination of colors will show the refining of theitem.

The same applies to the color of item (Magic Bean).

Here is an example:

Plus 1 & 0 gloves

Plus 15 gloves

Hint: (Look at the outline Razz)
NOTE: Higher andlower refining indicates the color of the item.

3.4 Shortcut toBags

F1-Inventory/ Stock 1

F2-Inventory/ Stock 2

F3-Inventory/ Stock 3

F4- Inventory / Stock 4

3.5 When buying items, it will take 1 space of the inventory, if fullthe item will go into the bag with free space.

3.6 To remove an item from a character use (CTRL +CLICK), it will go into inventory taking 1slot space, if full the item will gointo the bag with free space.

3.7 Item from inventory to cargo, same as above.

3.8 Some items can be stacked or separated; such as essence or powers.

The maximum amount is 120 units;

To stack them just put 1 item in the same slot as the other.

Powers, jewels, scraps, herbs, & many more can be stacked Razz

To separate them just use "SHIFT + Left click"

and a window will open to choose theamount you want to separate.

33.9 Quick SLOT

-Slot Items (Q, W, E, R, T), consumable items areplaced in slot Q and W.

With CC mode, a character will use the potions of HP /MP automatically.

- If you put any item in Slot"T" Auto-attack will be changed to the key "Y".

3.10 Upgrading Naiads

You can now tell the plus of Naiads by the character's HP bar color.

Each plus, HP bar will have a different color.

3:11 Bag WandererQuest

The item "Exchange of the Wanderer" is used tounlock the bag 3 & 4 of the character's inventory.

4. New mounts

4.1 Black Panther:

This mount is similar to thetiger, but it adds 20% resistance; this mount has its own feed and essence.

4.2 ShadowFenrir:

This mount is similar to Fenrir, but it adds 20% resistance;this mount has its own feed and essence.

5. Mega Potion

This potion is the combination of the Sephira Potion and theHP Potion.

It increases HP, MP, & DMG/MAP; it will give bonuses to all characters on thesame account.

Note: Time is counted even if the account is logged off.

6. AdditionalCostumes

- Transknights& BeastMasters have the Draconian costume.

- Huntress and Foema Costume have the Witch costume

Both have same bonus as older costumes.

7. Kephra's drop itemwill be changed

Khepra drops will be removed. Instead Darkness Jewel &Lunar Stone will be delivered to player who gets let last hit.

8. Level Limit inNightmare will be deleted

Nightmares no longer have level restriction.

9. Additional penalty when a hardcore character died

When Hardcore is killed by a monster, it will become level 1mortal.

10. When a character died in unknown continent it will be teleported back totown.

When you die inside clue of rune quests, you will go back totown automatically.

11. Celestial Characters are not allowedto make hardcore character anymore.

12. Revision of Clue of Rune Quests

The Boss of stage 6 and 7 are reversed, so the Balrog is theBoss of the 6th and the Gold Room Carbuncle Boss is in Room 7.

13. Additional Premium items in Merchant Nell

14. When a character equip Gold/Silver angel while in hunting mode Ori or Lakpowder will put together automatically.

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