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The Subject of Salary and Bonus

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1 The Subject of Salary and Bonus on Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:39 pm


Here is a brief explanation to those that wonder: if we get tax totaling 4B, then why am I only getting 20M base and 30M kephra bonus?

First, around 100 people come to me for salary each week. It is usually a little less, but I use 100 as a guide. So...

100 people getting salary x 20M each = 2B

Secondly, you have the kephra bonus. Each week we have around 50 people getting that, again it is usually less, but I use 50 as a guide. So...

50 people getting kephra bonus x 30M each = 1.5B

Third, you have your subs that don't have the benefit of bonuses at all, because their salary is higher (they use their salaries to recruit) and they have to be 'moderators' of the guild. Let us just say that they get 100M each week (this varies, it may be more, it may be less, and it may be zero).

4 sub leaders (including myself) x 100M = 400M

So far we've spent 3.9B of 4B in tax take, that leaves around 100M to put into the guild fund. I hope this clears up how I work out salaries and bonuses.

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